July 12, 2010

Disney Sobre Hielo

That's Spanish for Disney On Ice and it's now playing south of the border.

I'm so sad I won't be there when they for the Mexico City shows, because I may never live out my quest to have my daughter meet a "princess" backstage. I am a little relieved that I won't repeat my role as a Disney groupie, a.k.a. stalker, since that wasn't too cool. You can read about last year's effort in the Archive, from August 2009, in the post entitled, Miss Ice Charades Is Not Proud.

Nuff said.

So what I'll do instead is to offer a little guide to the cast and crew when they get to Mexico City of what to do if they have any free time. Anyone else reading this post can stop now, if you like.

First of all, if you're staying at the Inter-Continental, most of these suggestions will be easier. You're walking distance or a quick skip to the metro to get you around town. And don't worry about the metro - we skaters took is everywhere in Paris - this is no worse (or better).

If you're staying at the Camino Real again, you might be taking cab rides, which are dirt cheap. Last year, I took a cab from my apartment to the Camino Real hotel, about ten minutes or two miles away and it cost $1. Make sure you have small change.

#1 - if you're looking for a really different cup of coffee, very milky, very reasonable price, head to Lynis in Polanco. It's so close to the hotel Inter-Continental that a bunch of Lufthansa flight attendents that stay at the hotel go to Lynis all the time and get a discount. For the first few months that I went there they always asked if I was with Lufthansa. They do that with blonds.

Anyway, the coffee is Vera Cruz style, called cafe lechero, and it's like an old-fashioned latte.

#2 - a great place to have a drink with a view, perhaps on Sunday when the matinee is over, is the rooftop of the Holiday Inn hotel in the centro. You get an amazing view of the Zocalo and the National Palace. The food isn't great so maybe you can split some appetizers.

#3 - if you're looking for a great museum that gives you a lot of Mexico, but doesn't take a long time, head to the Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Popular Art). Ask the front desk how to get there.

#4 - You really should go see the Ballet Folklorico! You will love it. Problem is it only plays Wednesday nights and two times on Sunday. Morning and Evening. That means the only performance you could catch would be the 9AM Sunday morning show at the Anthropology Museum. Go, really, just go. Tell the wardrobe people that travel with you to go. The costumes are amazing.

And for the first time in your life you can sympathize with someone who is busting their a$$ off way too early in the morning.

Any other questions - email me and bienvenidos a la ciudad de Mexico!


Xan said...

There are princesses in South America right now too! (Including mine). Come to a Chicago show sometime and my personal princess can you your little princess backstage, for sure.

Ice Charades said...

Ooooooh - I would love that! What is her tour, perhaps I'll catch her next year, somewhere. Does she play Panama?

I hope your princess is having a great time in South America. Buenos Aires is one of my favorites, but Rio is pretty fun.

Thanks again for the offer - Chicago is also a great place to go! Know of any bookstore that might have a skating book around Xmas time?