June 18, 2010


Yesterday I was told I was overweight. They brought the scale right into our apartment. Overweight. Reminded me of my first year in Holiday On Ice. Weigh-ins were a big deal in that show. An overweight fine could cost a 10th of your salary ... that was at least a meal. Ooh, maybe that was the point.

Being "overweight" in an ice show usually meant you were still well below the average weight for any (wo)man on the street, but being overweight you got invited to join the ice show mental freak out party. A hard invitation to turn down.

Luckily, not all ice shows were so strict, so I wasn't always as that party by the time the cops arrived.

Hey, Ice Charades, are you still talking about ice shows or that one time in college ...

So, anywho. There I was looking at another overweight fine yesterday ... for weighing over 500 lbs!

Oh, I kid. Actually, we're moving and we had a 500 lb air shipment limit and we went over. Ooops - I bought too much Mexican talavera (the homemade pottery that's so pretty and so inexpensive). Can you blame a girl?

I've now come full circle from where I once lived out of a suitcase and couldn't afford much in the way of souvenirs to weigh down my suitcase. Now we have my husband's company footing the bill for the shipping and so many goodies around to buy.

Now I need to go on a suitcase diet.

I promise to start that diet on Monday, yeah for sure, Monday, right after I go the market this weekend for some beautiful jewelry that costs no more than $3.

Can you blame a gal?


Gigi said...

No I most definitely cannot! I would do the exact same. All those years of weigh-ins have made you luggage bulimic!! Now fly, to the jewellry stalls!!

Anonymous said...

I was just curious...do you remember what was considered overweight for women? Was there an appropriate weight for 5'2, 5'3, etc...

Did they weigh you before even allowing you in the show?