June 23, 2010

Ice Capades 70th Reunion Street Dance

Just got back from the red eye flight out of Vegas, so I'm not ready to give you the full run-down, but I wanted to link to the You Tube Ice Capades 70th Reunion Street Dance.

Choreography by Randy Gardner, amazing production quality, and fun-filled dancing by generations of Ice Capettes. And I say not bad for some of those Capettes from the 50s!

More to come!


Xan said...

So much fun! I've always wanted to do a Thriller or Beat It flash mob (on ice). Can you imagine how cool for a bunch of high-level skaters to just break into Michael Jackson in the middle of a public skate sometime?

Donna Marsden said...

Wow, what a blast that was, sooo much fun, just like the "old days" as gypsies. So good to see so many of my old Ice Capades friends! Donna Marsden - 1957-58

Ice Mom said...

Was this a flash mob? Even if it wasn't, how cool was this?

I love the pairs lift at the end - my favorite part.

It looks like you had a ball, Jenny!

Ice Charades said...

Hey guys - yes, the flash mob was pretty cool. Donna, I'm glad you wrote in, I loved meeting showgirls from a different generation. The gals who were older than I have such energy. It's very inspiring!