June 28, 2010

Confession (Of The Month)

Okay, my first confession is that I haven't confessed in a while. Ive been distracted with other more recent skating topics.

So, my second confession is that I never skated for Ice Capades. But there I was making my second appearance at an Ice Capades reunion. Luckily, they let me tag along.

I have gone to these reunions because I know more people there than a Holiday On Ice reunion and Holiday's is in France. While I would love to get back to Nice, France, it's a lot more expensive. I wouldn't be ready to get back on a plane after only two days on the Riviera, you know.

This time I convinced one of my long time friends in joining us in Vegas. She, too had never skated in Capades either. Like me, she'd done several other shows, including Ice Follies. Turns out she knew more skaters than me and the other two Capettes in our group combined.

She had only come to see the small group of gals, but when she realized how many people she had worked with, she had to write the names down on a notepad. She scrutinized the list and planned to check off the names as she talked to them at the cocktail party.

Here's a hint for your next high school reunion: Go through your entire class in the last high school year book and write down the names.

What was great for my friend was that she was able to see the "angel" in her life ... Mr. Debonair, Richard Dwyer.

He's the guy who stared in Follies and Capades with a unique skating style and trailing showgirls in some of the biggest costumes ever worn on ice. Swizzles only.

My girlfriend was the most excited to see him because he had suggested she audition and skate with Follies when he saw her practicing at an ice rink in northern California one day. She had just graduated from high school and been kicked out of the house. She had a minimum wage job with no chance for college. So she took his advice.

She skated for over ten years and later turned to a medical profession. But I'm so glad she skated first, because after four different shows together, she's one of my best friends.

Here she is thanking her "angel."

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