July 21, 2009

Trip Down Skating Lane

A friend posted some videos on Facebook yesterday of the show we did waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1983.

Most of the shows I did I have on some crummy video tape that's rotting away in storage. Still, I do have them and that's how I remember those shows.

But not this one. Never had it on video - weren't many video cameras around in 1983 - and thus, I forgot the show.

So these clips on Facebook, which were actually from 1988, are the same costumes, mostly the same choreography, and some of the same people. Can you imagine doing the same show, night after night, for five years? Those folks deserve some kind of medal right there, like the Cal Ripkin Award for Enduring Annoying Show Music.

Hearing the music and seeing the choreography I hadn't done in 26 years was a bit jarring. That's a long time, but somewhere in a tiny, tiny spot of my brain that's been kicking back a while woke up and said "Hey, I think I remember those steps. I bet I can still do that number."

So I ask you, have you experienced the same? When a song comes on that you haven't heard in a decade or so - you remember where you were the last time you heard it, right?

Kind of cool, I think.

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