July 2, 2009

Another Announcement - Virtual Skateoff

Oh, we showed our sense of humor all right ... too bad nobody filmed the day I fell off the ten-foot tall staircase or the time my friend missed her hockey stop and landed in the audience. That would win the "The World's Funniest Skating Video" contest. But take a look at this ...

ProSkaters is excited to announce the first of its kind in the professional skating world, A VIRTUAL SKATE OFF! In a world dominated by video games, YouTube, and Facebook, ProSkaters brings to you an exclusive competition only to ProSkaters members! For the first time ever ProSkaters will host a competition for the pro skater judged by the pro skater!

As a professional you have had the opportunity to display your humor, unique talent, creativity and all your artistic ability. It¹s time to look through your attics, steamer trucks, and your hard drive and submit your "LIFE'S BEST PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE" via the Internet. With a few simple guidelines established by the ProSkaters board of directors to bring back the magic of competition in a new modern day skating competition.


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