July 9, 2009

Nicole Bobek ... My Two Cents

I met her twice at a friend's apartment, but I can only speculate so much. She was a close friend of my good friend and the last time my good friend and I had dinner I asked how Nicole was doing.

He said he was worried. She was partying too much. Someone trustworthy needed to watch her money.

When I emailed him yesterday he wrote back saying he was relieved the headline wasn't worse. So am I.

Maybe this is the wake-up call she needs. Although ten years in jail? That's going to be devastating.

What comes to my mind as to how this happened? She was rich and young and retired from the sport. That's a bad combination. She didn't have any new goals and these elite athletes are all about goals and challenges.

Another thing my friend mentioned is to remember that Nicole has a kind heart. And I agree.

When I first met her at my friend's apartment I was star-struck, as always in the presence of great skaters, and I had my six-month daughter and husband with me. Nicole asked me, unprompted, to play with the baby. Was I going to say no? She wasn't the picture of a maternal figure - long nails and an outfit for nightclubbing, but at the same time she was so gentle and good with my child. Not a skating primadonna. The fact that she hung out with the chorus so much during her professional shows confirms that. She is a kind soul. It wasn't all about her.

So, I truly hope that she'll be okay. No matter what, I'll always remember her in a good light.


Ice Mom said...

It's very kind of you to remember Nicole as a gentle soul. Let's hope that we read about her success story in ten years.

Anonymous said...

Probably have a new lease on life (and a book deal).