January 12, 2009

World's Largest Ice Rink By Night

I returned to the rink, not to get in line to skate, but to see what the square looks like at night.

It did not disappoint. I think it's more impressive after the sun goes down.

When we first got there, the rink was PACKED with skaters. Then they resurfaced the ice and by the time I got to take this picture, the rink was only half full.

This photo gives you a view of the entire square including the "mountains" to slide down, which my daughter loved, and the miniature snowman-making station in the foreground.

This whole operation was provided by the mayor, who wants to be President next, free of charge to the public. Many people complained that money could be put to better use, (this country has a lot of poverty issues), but the mayor felt it was important for those who can't afford to ever take a vacation to experience snow, to bring it to them.

It was a big hit and I think it will be back next year. I better get in line right after Halloween!

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