January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It was twenty-five years ago, 1984, but I still remember the New Year's Eve party for my first ice show, Holiday On Ice. You always remember the first, right?

It was in Germany and our company manager asked for one skater or crew member from each country to get on stage and wish everyone a happy new year in their native tongue.

We had sixteen different greetings. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa. That was an international cast! Luckily for me, the dominating language was English. So at least I went through the shock and (and awe?) of rehearsals knowing what the choreographer and performance director were yelling at me. I felt sorry for the rookies from Poland and Czechoslovakia who had to wait until one of their compatriots had enough time between counts of eight to translate.

However you translate it, Happy New Year 2009!

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