November 30, 2008

Holiday On Ice Facebook Wants Your Stories

Hey, I want your stories too! But this message went out from the Holiday On Ice group in Facebook. It's only open to the skaters, so if you skated with HOI and haven't joined Facebook yet, what are yo waiting for? Kathy Hayim-Gringas is the admin for the group and she sent out this plea.

Here's Kathy's shout-out below:

Hi to all....

Most of you do not know me, we have never met. however, we all share a common experience, skating in Holiday on Ice. some skated for mere months, some for most of their young adult life, some started as youngsters and are still with the show, and some are just getting started.

There have been many photos that we have shared with each other... and now we need to share some stories. Each of us have stories of our time with HOI... some stories are funny, some are sad, some of hardships, of friendships, and lost loves.....

I am compiling a collection, in colaboration with James Clarke and Roland and we need your stories.

Can you please email me privately at (Subject - HOI STORY)
with whatever you would like to share. I had this feature on my website a long time ago, and it is time again!

Our history of the show is really all that is left of our time with HOI... what it was like to skate with Holiday on Ice... everyone has a story.

If you are not too sure what to write, then send me an email and I will give you some ideas.

There are almost 600 people in this group... that means 600+ stories!


I still want your stories too - so get writing. Let's get it on the record!

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