November 17, 2008


As I was watching the Redskins yesterday, I heard that the safety, LaRon Landry, recently racked up $24, 264 in fines. Ouch - one fine was an entire game's pay. But then, the Eagle's defensive tackle LaJuan Ramsey did better at $26, 176. In fact, if you google 'NFL fines', you'll find there have been a lot of them dished out this season.

Maybe a quarter of a million dollars already.

That's a lot of money, but those guys make a lot of money too. I can't begin to imagine if LaRon and LaJuan (let's hope they never form a band) are so into the game that they forget about the money they'll be charged with just one nasty late hit. I bet their wives won't let them forget next time.

But it reminded me of the fine system we had in Holiday On Ice. Capades and Disney had them too. If anyone out there can tell me if the system has changed, please comment. To the best of my recollection, here's a patial list (origially in 1983 prices and a weekly pay check of about $250, I've adjusted for inflation at today's prices with a $550 - 600 paycheck.)

Missing a number - $20
Late for a number - $16
Late for half hour call - $30
Missing costume, any part - $4
Missing jewelry or misc - $4
Costume touching the floor - $4
Taking guards off with gloves on - $4
Extra items in costume crate - $4 an item
Eating in costume - $12
Sitting in costume - $8
Going to the bathroom with costume, any part - $12
Not hanging up costume properly, any part - $8
Not following corrections - $8-16
Talking on the ice - $4
Overweight, first time - $30
Second time - $40
Third time - $50
Inappropriate conduct on or off the ice - $8-20

The overweight fines were always the hardest to deal with. It wasn't that you were overweight, you were over your set weight.

The only good thing about the fines, in my opinion, was the money went to finance the Opening and Closing Night parties for the whole cast. I wonder if it's the same for the NFL players ... doubt it. That would be one hell of a party. Still where does that $250,000+ go?

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