May 26, 2008

There's Always The One

I'm still stuck in laptop limbo ... waiting for a new computer ... checking posts at the library, internet cafes. But I wanted to get this topic posted in honor of the guest speaker at the annual PSA conference.

Let me backtrack a little. When you ask most skaters to name their favorite skaters it's hard to narrow it down. We easily mention four or five and then pause while the next batch of ten great skaters comes to mind. There are so many. Think of any one Olympics and then three or four pop out.

But I really think if you ask the same skater to name their ONE favorite. We can do that ... we have one saved for superstar status. And for every one it's a different skater (again pointing out how many great skaters there are out there.)

For me that skater is Brian Orser. Of course, the picture gave it away. I'm a huge fan, although I'm not one of the official "Orser Endorers" and I haven't joined any fan clubs. I'm just sitting back waiting for someone to ask me who my ONE favorite is and then I'll jump up and down and say Brian. Sir Brian Orser to you.

Besides being such a great skater (too many titles and honors to type up), smart, cute, and funny (how do I know this?), he is downright down to earth and nice to boot. Canada, you should be very proud.

I was in a show where Mr. Triple Axel was the principal and I was hanging back, way back, in the chorus. I didn't talk to him or hang out with him much -- I was too star stuck and tongue-tied -- but I still witnessed all those great qualities.

So for those that went to hear him at the PSA conference this weekend, let me say, I wished I could have flown in for the big speech, cheered him on like a crazed Beatles fan and then ducked out before security nabbed me.

Here's to the One! Let me know who you would pick.


SusanAtLifeskate said...

I'm with you, Mr. Orser is definitely on top of my list. If pressed, believe it or not, I've never really thought of the question before, I would have to say it's a tie between Brian Orser and Robin Cousins. But it's 12:44 p.m. on a Tuesday. Ask me again at 1 p.m. and it'll be different, will probably include Dorothy Hamill. Isn't it neat there are so many to choose from?

Laura said...

I try not to think of this question either because I love so many, but really, the reason I truly fell in love with skating was Paul Wylie in the 1992 Olympics, so he's "the one" for me.

Ice Mom said...

I could watch John Curry skate all day long. Those legs. Just amazing. I'm also a Janet Lynn fan. She has the attitude I wish everyone had.

Aaron said...

Okay...i'll be the first to go the expected route but I love her...Michelle Kwan. I just think she's the best...I get goose bumps when I see her!

Ice Charades said...

Thanks guys - all remarkable skaters and it just proves there are so many from which to pick!