May 11, 2008

Nice Ice

When I saw the billboard for this show, I felt I had to go.

As the brochure says, "It is ice. It is air. And it is everything unlike anything in between." Well, there is a lot of ice and air all right (there was a really cool ramp that went right through the audience), but the "unlikely" part is the skating. There isn't much of it in this ice show.

For those who like a jump tally, it wasn't hard for me to keep track. Two double axels by one man, two single axels by a man and woman, a couple of sit spins, one flying camel and a layback spin to boot.

There was one interesting number where five pair teams performed a bunch of pair spins - kiss spins, bounce spin and a couple variations in between. But most of this ice show felt like an after hours talent show. Come on, they're an all-Russian cast - you just know they can whip out triples in their sleep, right? Bielmans up the whazoo. No.

Side note: Now that I'm retired, whenever I take in the latest Disney On Ice or other random show, I compare my skills to those shows I'm watching and inevitably fall short.

Always depressing. (In case you didn't know, the minimum required jump for girls to sail on Bietak's cruise ships shows is a double axel -- I landed one in a dream once.)

Well, I still couldn't have made it through the auditions for this show, but it wasn't because of jumps. If I wanted to get into this show I would have to brush up on my hula hoop skills, unicycle riding or learn to play the violin.

Yep - it's official. The circus has taken over Vegas. It's everywhere and in this ice show too. I felt like they were trying to give us Cirque de Ice.

However, I still enjoyed the show. The performances were strong, the music was great and everyone in the cast had a body to die for. The girls were gorgeous. No men were complaining about the lack of jumps or spins, that's for sure.

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