September 12, 2013

5 Songs To Use for the Sochi Figure Skating Exhibition Programs

In the previous post rant, I mentioned the athletes shouldn't be concerned about staging their own protests. Hopefully the fans and the media will take up that cause.

But if any of the skaters did want to make some kind of a statement ... maybe in their exhibition program ... (meaning they've already won a medal and are quite a big deal now and are a day away from flying home)... well, how great would that be?

So here are some possibilities for Sochi exhibition programs I'd like to see.

In order from most to least subtle:

#5 Any song by Ricky Martin, George Michael or Elton John. Many will not make the connection that these gentlemen came out at some point in their musical careers.

#4 "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls - definitely not as subtle and really only works if a male skates to this one. But I suppose a pair could do it. No matter what, it's a catchy tune.

#3 "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross - the unofficial Gay-Pride anthem. This may not work for any of the skaters unless they really do have something to announce.

#2 "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga - Again, may only work for the right skater. A more contemporary song than #3 with a similar message. Another catchy tune.

and the #1 "Same Love" by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert - personal bias here. This was one of my favorite songs this year. Even just the opening piano chords leading into another song would make a statement.

You know my other favorite song? Thrift Shop.

Both are written by these guys. I think they're geniuses. And if a skater wanted to skate to "Thrift Shop" instead? Well as the song says, "this is fucking awesome!"


Q said...

Anything by the Village People (YMCA, In the Navy, Macho Man)

oh! Let's have a kiki

More subtle choices would be Over the rainbow, Don't rain on my parade, Dancing Queen, Beautiful

I'm too sexy or Supermodel would be fabulous!

Ice Charades said...

Oh Q - you are brilliant! How could I have forgotten the Village People?

Is Kiki by Scissor Sisters? I do like "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'".

I love all of your subtle suggestions too. Over the rainbow could be done by singles or pairs beautifully. Thanks!!