August 26, 2013

Two Upcoming Ice Shows - Two Continents

Can you make it to one of these?

I hope your summer is going well. Perhaps you still have until September to chill out.

First up, an ice show in St. Paul that I would love to see. One of the featured soloists, Rohene Ward, is my favorite new show skater. He was fantastic in HOI's Speed, so I bet the other skaters are awesome as well. If you live in the Twin Cities, GO SEE IT! Friday, Sept 6 at 7:30.

This ice show I know nothing about except for what you see in the poster (this was taken in Venice ... too bad the ice show isn't playing there.) But Verona, Italy ought to be a beautiful setting as well. Even though the title is in English, this is geared toward the Italians, showcasing Carolina Kostner. They'll be there in full force to cheer her on, I think.

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