August 29, 2013

The Skating Lesson Learns It Can't Go

... to the upcoming Figure Skating Classic. The dynamic duo that is The Skating Lesson, Jenny Kirk and Dave Lease, were denied press credentials by the USFS to cover this year's US International Figure Skating Classic in Salt Lake City.

It shouldn't surprise us that the 1. highly entertaining, 2. highly opinionated and 3. highly informed "TSL" got dissed. I think it comes down to the big ol' number 2 from the USFS.

Figure skating's popularity is very low right now and the USFS in particular should embrace coverage of the sport. "TSL" has a big following. So when you can get people to watch, talk and hopefully promote the sport, it's all good.

Give them the credentials.

If you feel the same way, follow the directions that "TSL" posted on Facebook:

Yesterday, TSL was denied a media credential by U.S. Figure Skating to the upcoming U.S. International Figure Skating Classic in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are not the first organization to have this experience. In today's special edition of 'This and That,' we discuss the perception that USFS attempts to silence, intimidate and control its athletes and the media. We are hoping to start a conversation with those who love the sport by asking: Does USFS have the best interests of its athletes and the growth of the sport at heart? We invite Pat St. Peter, the president of U.S. Figure Skating, to come on to discuss this. Please invite Pat on TSL via and cc Together, we hope we can grow our sport and keep this conversation going.

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Anonymous said...

number 2 - you crack me up!