September 19, 2012

New Ice Show Page - Check it out!

I got this email from Daisy Mae introducing her new Facebook page: Skates on a Suitcase
I have started a Facebook Page in gathering and sharing information about my birth mother's ice skating career. She was a professional skater on the Royal Ice Palace Revue of the Royal American Show in 1940-1941. She was one of the first to skate on Iceolite.

She also had a spot date on Holiday on Ice show in 1950. She was cast for the 1946 Ice Cycles by the Ice Capades.

I will be posting many photos from her scrapbooks. I have newspaper clippings and articles about many "vintage' skating acts and skaters.
Marjorie Lee
Harry Douglas
Red Sisley
Joan Walter
Margie Petaja
Gracie May
Dottie Beeskow
and of course my mother Charlotte Stempniak, billed as Rhythm on Ice"

If you are interested in this 1940 era of ice skating and perhaps knows some of the skaters who skated with her, please visit my new Facebook page, Skates on a Suitcase.

Skates on a Suitcase

As I said, you should check it out. It has amazing photos and narrative that brings show life to life. This would make an awesome movie!

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