September 24, 2012

Meeting Up With An Old Skating Friend

... in two weeks! Going to see one of my heroes from my ice show days that I haven't seen in almost thirty years. Wow am I excited.

And nervous.

Only two weeks. How many push-ups do I have to do between now and then to take away the pudge?

That's because in the world of ice shows, meeting up with the past means one might want to look their best. Better than best. I've got two weeks to go and I better get on this.

Excuse me, Ice Charades, but when anyone meets up with an old friend, you want to look good.

Yes, that's true, but there is something about the ice show world. These people put makeup on for a living at one time. They're good. Professional dieters! We didn't sit around writing code or crunch numbers. We went out to skate and tried to look our best doing it.

And it doesn't matter if it is a gal or guy meeting up with a gal or guy ... the pressure is the same.

Ice shows are visuals things, my friend. Wish me well!

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