August 30, 2012

Never Seen Before

.... as in the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics!

I have never seen anything to do with the Paralympics before and last night I watched the entire ceremony.

Well, most of it. I didn't discover it was on until Egypt was walking in, so I missed countries from A-D. And then I fell asleep during the lighting of the flame.


Hey, by then it was 1:30 in the morning for me on a school night!

But I've got the Olympic fever again.

And since the German network, ARD, televised the entire ceremony (thank you), commercial free (oh yeah, thank you) I bet there'll be more coverage coming in the next week and a half.
Unlike the French tv networks who are snubbing their athletes. Sacre bleu.

So, you can bet that I'll be posting about more amazing athletes that have nothing to do with figure skating.

Hey, what else can we talk about right now?

No, I'm asking you - if there is any skating we can talk about right now, let me know.

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