August 6, 2012

London Calling

Just got back from a long weekend in London and we stumbled into this little thing called THE OLYMPICS!


You've heard, no doubt, about the greatest athletes already. Your Phelps, your Wiggins, your Gabby Douglas, and all the other amazing athletes who have competed so well.


But, one of the things I like most about the Olympics are hearing/reading about athletes, who just being the Olympics, is an amazing story.

Such as Saudi Arabia's Wojdan Shaherkani.


I read Ester Addley's article in the UK's Guardian, and was in tears by the end.

She lasted only 1 minute and 22 seconds, and even that, the experts agreed, was thanks to the sportsmanship of her opponent in not finishing her off sooner.

But for the women of Saudi Arabia, the blink-and-you-missed-it performance of a nervous 16-year-old in the judo arena on Friday might, just might, have been the start of something significant.

Please click here to read the whole article.

Let's hear it for Girl Power!

Saudi Arabian women are not permitted to take part in PE at school in their home country, or join a sports club, or even attend a sporting event as a spectator. But thanks to the persistence of the International Olympic Committee, determined to make these the first Games in which every nation would field both men and women, the country was arm-twisted into allowing them to compete in London.

Not able to watch a sporting event? I can't imagine. Being only a blue belt in karate and finding out three weeks before the Opening Ceremonies you're going to compete? I can't imagine. Not being able to go out of the house without a male escort and now she steps onto the mat, solo, in front of the world? I can't imagine.

But I can say this, WOW.

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Jane said...

She is amazing. Thanks for pointing out the article.