October 31, 2011


Now that I've got your attention - can someone help me out here?

So, I'm watching the exhibition numbers from Skate Canada on Eurosports yesterday ... first thing, exhibition programs and Canada are neither Euro nor sports, but anyway ... I have to say congratulations to all of the medalists, including Patrick Chan.

He did a lovely show program, but he was in - what-looked-like a U.S. Marine Corps uniform holding and a mop - and I've got to say, WTF?

Here's a YouTube link to the same program done for Artistry on Ice.

See that Marine wearing his Dress Blues on the far right? That was Patrick Chan, minus the hat, but holding a mop.

Maybe I should be more P.C. and just ask why? He's a Canadian wearing a U.S. uniform. I find that odd, do you?

Then I've got to ask, why a mop? I don't associate Marines with mopping too much. Usually it's the guys who are first in or guarding an embassy kind of thing.
Full Disclosure: Most of the marines I've encountered were during my time working for the U.S. State Department, and I always found it honorable, but a touch troubling that they would be willing to give their life for a stranger like me - just a temporary contractor plugging in computers at the embassies for a week or two - at any moment.

So maybe they're Marines that mop, but that's not the first thing that comes to mind with Semper Fi.

So, I'm not sure what to think. Is he honoring a US Marine? Did I miss that part (I was watching a German broadcast, after all). Was he picking up on the spirit of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC, that was held the same day?

Or was he just late to a Halloween party and needed to save time?


Anonymous said...

I wondered why the military costume too ... his music didn't have anything to do with the costume or the mop.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but maybe the Canadian military has a similar uniform to dress blues? I grew up in a Marine family, and I think that background made the program even more confusing.....no one mops in dress uniforms?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

While no one mops in dress uniforms believe me, we've ALL spent plenty of time holding a mop. That image of him with flying through the air with it is downright hilarious to most Marines because it's a more accurate representation of life in the Corps than any recruiting commercial.

Wish he would have used PFC chevrons, though.