July 12, 2011

Facebook Friends

I'm now FB "friends" with Oksana Baiul.

Me and 2,164 other people. And counting. In a few more days, who knows?

If you ever wanted to be friends with an Olympic Champion ('94) - Oksana's your gal, or in other words, your soon-to-be-friend.

Now, I've posted before on the weird phenomenon that is getting to be friends with A-List skaters here or what Facebook taunts us with "People You May Know."

I ask you, could Oksana be the gateway skater to the rest of them?

When I noticed that my girlfriend, who had no connection to Oksana, was friend's with her, I knew I had a pretty good chance of being friends with her. And I do have a connection to Oksana - very tenuous, but ...

I got to push her in a sleigh during the '94 Nutcracker on Ice tour. But Oksana's skated with, worked with and met with thousands and thousands of people over the years, so she can't be expected to remember any of them.

But she's on a roll and by the weekend she could be friends with those thousands of people I just mentioned.

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