May 14, 2010

Facebook Friends?

Okay, I have more than a few skating friends on Facebook, but I'm not tipping the scales around 500 people or anything. Right now I'm clocking in at 170.

In the Suggestions column on the upper right hand side, they keep suggesting I friend Dorothy Hamill. One day I even got Nancy Kerrigan. Seriously? They want to be friends with me?

I've met Dorothy Hamill. Two times actually. She would never remember me because she's probably met thousands and thousands of people since her victory in 76. I tell you though, she was gracious both times. Up close, she's really stunning. When I was forced to hang with her for about five minutes (thanks Judy) I was completely tongue-tied.

I've admired her re-birth as a skater. She got totally engrossed in "edge class" or what led to Moves In The Field, thanks to Tim Murphy and Nathan Birch. Focusing on the edges made her skating stronger. Kept her spins top notch too, well past her amateur career.

AND ... two of the top five ice shows in Ice Charade's opinion and faulty memory include Dorothy Hamill. Gerswhin On Ice in Atlantic City, and the first Next Ice Age at the Kennedy Center, both in 1997. That's about the year I stopped getting into shows for free, by the way.

But don't believe my assessment, you can read Skate Web's Sandra Loosemore's reviews here and here.

I was also impressed by Dorothy's willingness to allow skaters from the DC inner-city skating foundation Kids On Ice into the rehearsal for the Next Ice Age. Full disclosure - I was the co-founder of Kids On Ice Learn To Skate program, ... a non-profit organization, much like Figure Skating in Harlem. And I was really excited when our kids were offered the chance to watch the skaters and meet Dorothy. She also signed autographs for the kids and answered our questions. Again, very gracious.

So back to my original point ... you can see I'm a big, big admirer, but a "friend" of Dorothy's? I doubt it.

Maybe if she reads this post I might have a chance.

So Dorothy, if you're reading this post, you can probably find me via the "Fan Page" of Ice Charades. I'd settle for that.

You tell me, any of you get these A-listers as suggestions for "friends" on Facebook?


Ice Mom said...

Hey, Ice Charades!

I don't have Dorothy Hamill or Nancy Kerrigan.

Adam Rippon was my very first Facebook friend, though.

I also have Michael Weiss, Audrey Weisiger, Jeffrey Buttle, Katarina Witt and Caryn Kadavy.

Caryn Kadavy doesn't just friend anyone. She taught Ice Girl in a group and private session. Ice Girl just loves Ms. Kadavy. Caryn taught some sort of fashion class at the camp and Ice Girl came home sketching possibilities. She still does, two years later!

I think Caryn thinks that's cute. :)

Ice Mom

Xan said...

Can't boast any famous people on Facebook, but Sarah Hughes once tweeted me!

Ice Charades said...

You guys beat me! I have some great skaters in my "friends" roster, but not the A-listers.

I wish I had some of these guys, it would be great to know what is now going on with some of the retired skaters.