May 23, 2010

This, That and the Other Thing

Hey - I still have writer's block, so today I'm just giving you snippets of blog posts that you can discuss among yourselves.

Sheeeeshhh, we hope the regular Ice Charades comes back soon.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll get out of my funk soon.

So here we go:

Item #1

Elena Kagen, the Supreme Court nominee, must not have much in her closet if this is what they dig up on her .... Kagan Attacked With Bad Metaphor About Ice Rinks

Item #2

By now you've probably heard about the little girls dancing to Beyonce. This quote came from the New York Daily News and I have to agree, "As the YouTube video of the performance pops up everywhere, child development experts think the girls' performance might have been more provocative than appropriate."

But nobody mentioned what my first thought was, "Did you see the high kicks those seven year old dancers could do? Amazing!"

and finally,

Item #3

I'm going to the states this July and need to buy some skate guards. Can anyone tell me if those guards that light up are any good? They look fun.



Ice Mom said...

I can tell you that those light up guards are cool for about two weeks - then you need to replace 8 watch-type batteries.

They also flash when they're riding around in your car, which wastes batteries and makes you think that a cop is after you!

My advice: buy the cheap ones! :)

Hope your writer's block clears soon!

Ice Charades said...

Thanks Ice Mom - I figured you would know about the guards. They sounded a little too good to be true.

I wouldn't even know where to get watch batteries here, so I'll go with plain.

Thanks again!

Xan said...

20something coach choreographed the High FS girls to Single Ladies, most of them under age 14, and she COMPLETELY *STILL* DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HOW INAPPROPRIATE THIS WAS, FOR PITY'S UNDYING SAKE.

Ahem. Sorry. :}

And, um, yeah, cheap guards. Rainbow gives me their orphan halves at a discount, so I have the world's ugliest guards (4 different, unmatching colors). They NEVER get stolen, that is to say picked up by mistake.

Are you coming to Chicago? Look me up!

Gigi said...

Go for the trusty GuardDog type spring guards. I have been using them for years and they just don't wear out. Plus you can get some really funky colours; I have purple glitter! Oh no wait, I have iridescent red (like xmas decorations, they are!). No but wait, don't I have pink and white marbeled guards? You get my point. I'm addicted!!

Plus, some girls at my rink have the light-ups and apparently once you get water in them (as one might expect with all that, well, ice) they pretty much "die".