September 2, 2010

Here's a Reminder

... not that anyone will find out about the Holiday On Ice Reunion from this blog and buy their tickets tomorrow. But I'm just wishing all those that go to the reunion next week have a great time.

The reunion will be held in Nice, France on the weekend of September 11-12, 2010. One event that folks can sign on to via Facebook is the Day at Opera Plage.

The Opera Plage was the hotel in Nice that allowed skaters to use their private beach for suntanning on the Mediterranean. A beautiful place indeed, especially considering skating in Holiday On Ice was usually a ticket out the door, rather than in.

The only other true perk I remember was getting to see the Lido in Paris for free! Free was a big deal, because we couldn't have afforded it otherwise.

Aaah, France. Wishing I could go, but it is not to be. So for those of you that are, please have a great time, sip some good wine, and take lots of photos.

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