September 8, 2010

Fashion Statement

Whenever ice shows are mentioned by name in a major news publication like the Washington Post, Slate Magazine or this random thread from Word Reference it's usually not a good thing.

I think show skaters shouldn't take it seriously, so I don't mind. I laugh too. Usually.

Besides it's good when Ice Capades is printed in any major news publication, because someone might google Ice Charades by mistake and land here!

But with the latest slam of Ice Capades in the Washington Post, regarding Venus Williams outfit at the U.S. Open, I have to say,
"Really? Ice Capades? We wore much better stuff than that."

To me, it just looks like she forgot to put her pants on.

Missing Part of Costume - $4 fine

The Celebritology 2.0 of the Washington Post ran a poll as to what people thought of the outfit and the results were (as of posting)

What do you think of Venus Williams' US Open outfit?

Yuck, it's terrible! 47%

I like it! The pantless look is tres chic! 15%

Who cares? She's a tennis player. 37%

Created on Sep 7, 2010
Total Votes: 3,075

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