February 4, 2010

Literal Videos!

Okay - I'll be honest. This doesn't have much to do with skating UNLESS, someone is looking to skate to a new, very clever exhibition number.

You would have to pick a literal video that is so well known, like Billie Jean linked below, for the audience to get the jokes. Even though Lady Gaga's Pokerface is all over the radio, I don't know how many kids these days waste hours of time watching music videos like I did. Now they waste hours of time on Wii or Nintendo.

So I really don't see anyone using these songs yet. But, speaking of wasting time, if you have five minutes to kill, you might find this literal version of Billie Jean amusing. I did!

BTW - it is SFW, if you're allowed to have music coming out of your cubicle. The danger will be people coming over to watch this version.

Duh nuh, elbow dance!
Duh nuh, elbow dance!

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Vlad said...

Thanks for the nice pictures!