February 1, 2010

Back from vacation

... and back to keeping you up-to-date on ice shows decades old!

But seriously, folks - at the hotel complex we stayed in there were shows every night and, of course, I wanted to see the dance shows. I always want to see performers doing their tricks.

One night was a Michael Jackson tribute. It was not created because of MJ's death, but put together three years ago and now running continuously. I can't imagine how emotional it must have been for the MJ impersonator to do the show in the days right after the star's death.

My 6-year old loves MJ and loved the show, so she definitely wanted to go the next night to the "American Way" dance show. She spotted her new bestest 7-year old girlfriend she had made earlier that day and we sat next to her, her mother and the 4-year old brother.

Now this was not an all-adult hotel, but the dance show should have come with a warning or a rating, because it wasn't meant for kids. The first number opened with two show girls, wearing rhinestone-studded bikinis, 3-foot feathered hats, and giant, glittery cloth wings, that gave each gal a wing-span of twelve feet when they held their arms out.

They strutted to the front of the stage and then turned around to strut back showing us right away that this was a "G-string" show. And my daughter blurted out for many to hear, "Hey, mommy, that's just like what you used to wear!"


Ice Mom said...

Hey, Mommy! That's just like what you used to wear!

That makes me so happy!

I hope you had a great time. May you be shaking sand out of your clothing for months to come.

Ice Mom

Xan said...

My daughter skates with one of the princess shows, very tame. But you'll never convince me that the mermaids aren't there for the daddies-- there's an awful lot of skin showing!