January 5, 2010

Skates in the Carry-On?

I left the States to get back to Mexico in the midst of all that heightened security. I have to say the lines weren't as bad as I thought. It seemed that everyone had the "security" routine down.

But I was thinking how glad I am that I don't have to bring my skates with me in my carry-on anymore. Does security even allow that?

Would they believe me if I told them that my blades were so dull they couldn't slice butter?

In my skating days, we ALWAYS carried our skates with us, because if the airlines lost your luggage with your skates inside, you lost your job.

Can someone tell me if skaters still take their skates on-board?


Ice Mom said...

Hey, Jenny.

Yep. Skaters can still travel with their skates on a plane. Here's what kids in our club do: call the airline in advance and get permission in writing. Show the permission to everyone they see at the airport. Gate-check the skates so they travel inside the plane.

Ice Mom

Ice Charades said...

Thanks Ice Mom - good to know. If I ever bring my skates on a flight, now I know what to do.

How long does it take to get permission in writing?

Xan said...

DD has had mixed success with this; sometimes they let her, sometimes they don't. Mostly it's a weight thing now. Skates weigh so much that putting them in your carry pretty much edges everything else out. They did in fact misroute her luggage on the first leg of this year's tour, and she missed 4 days of rehearsal. I told her she should sue them for the lost wages.

That's a great tip from Ice Mom; I will definitely pass that along.

Ice Charades said...

Yikes Xan - I'm just glad they didn't fire her. That might have happened in some shows.