November 23, 2009

An Email Asks...

what age is appropriate to read your book?

I'm so glad you asked because dozens of people heard the title "Ice Charades" or thought the topic of figure skating was for young adults or teenagers.

They think back to their days as kids when they went to the Ice Capades and got to ride on the sled or train or whatever that Smurf-thingy was, and they think kids. They remember watching Tara Lipinski or Michelle Kwan or even Sasha Cohen (who looks young)skate on TV and think little princesses.

This book is definitely for adults not teenagers.

Wikipedia defines the Young Adult fiction genre roughly for ages 14 - 21. Wow - how different I was at 14 compared to 21. World's apart.

You ask, what about my 17-year old? (S)He's thinking of going into an ice show? My honest answer would be yeah, (s)he should be ready for the adult life in an ice show, so this would be okay.

But a 14-year old? No, too young I think.

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