October 2, 2009

The other HOI

... that would be Horses On Ice.

Although they are actually called Islandics On Ice, named for the country they come from.

And I thought bears that skated were pretty cool, but the bears better move over for another animal to take the spotlight.

Iceland has always been pretty hopped up about horses. They have strict rules that don't allow Icelandic horses (think cute little ponies only they are fully grown) to mix with any other breed. I lived in Reykjavik, Iceland for a short time in 1987 and was lucky enough to go riding. Those little guys have a very smooth gait called flugskeið or "flying pace" that no other breed can do. It was a lot of fun and no soar butt afterward.

As I checked Wikipedia, I found out they have two more gaits than regular horses, but I'll bet, no double axel. Yet.

When I was there in 87, Iceland had no ice rinks and thus no skaters. I think they have a rink now, but it is probably safe to say that Iceland has still has more skating horses than skaters.

I wonder if those horses complain as much as showgirls do.

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