October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

South of the border, the kids keep it real for Halloween. The costumes skew to the scary, gory, spooky. It's probably because Dia de Muertos, "Day Of The Dead" comes two days later. That's the real morbid stuff.

So for Halloween at my daughter's school, boys are either skeletons, vampires, pirates or mummies. Girls tend to be witches, Morticia from the Adams Family, Maleficent, the villian from Sleeping Beauty or black cats. And then there are the gender neutral costumes: zombies or devils.

I saw a little cutie dressed as a nurse, but her face and costume were covered in fake blood. Even the adorable 4-year old girl dressed in your standard Disney princess dress showed up at school with her face painted all white and black smudged under her eyes turning her from Sleeping Beauty to Zombie Beauty.

So when the costume parade at school began and kid in a baseball cap and sweatshirt walked across the stage, I'd love to know why his parents thought "fan of hockey" was so scary.

At least he wasn't a fan of figure skating.


Ice Mom said...

Is that your little goblin?

Ice Charades said...

No, she went as "Morticia", but refused to wear the black wig, so she didn't look that scary. And I didn't have any fake blood laying around the apartment, otherwise ...