June 12, 2009

Go Remy!

Okay, Ice Charades, what does this have to do with skating?

Not much, I've got to say, but thanks for asking.

Maybe you've heard of him before, but if not, check it out ... www.GoRemy.com

I know this is a stretch, but it's also Friday, so if you need something to help waste hours at the computer until it's time to leave work ... here you go.

Stay with me on this. I got a link to one of his videos, via You Tube, and some 17 videos and 2 hours later, my daughter and I have made it through most of his repertoire.

Does this guy still have a day job?

A lot of his videos have the local flavor of the Washington DC Metro area, so Required Elements is going to love it, but the rest of you may not get all of the jokes.

My personal favorite is the Tabbouleh Song. It's kind of what I had in mind when I responded to Axels, Loops, and Spins about a Bollywood number for a pair or dance team to skate to. Of course, you would have to take out the lyrics. But the instrumental is great.

I also like the Hockey Song. Again, it's a local song all about the Washington Capitals. But with McDonald's, Turbo Tax or 2% Milk, there is probably something for everyone.

So, finally, getting around to skating ... Let's see if we can get him to do a figure skating song.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Too bad figure skating doesn't have a theme song like hockey does.