September 10, 2008

Remembering Brian Wright

For anyone that knew Brian, they would know what a loss his death was to the skating community.

He was a fantastic skater, phenomenal choreographer, and as funny as he was smart. And he was very smart.

I know this is a cheesy picture, but it's from 1987. What do you expect? Even then, he had style.

I had the personal good fortune to skate in a show with Brian before he officially became choreographer to the stars and charged accordingly. We had a lot of free time in this show so he choreographed programs for me and others. It's too bad no one had a video camera at the time, because it showcased his range and talent as a choreographer.

His best work (although they are hard to pick from) in my opinion was Michael Weiss's long program to Santana. It was so fresh and original. I heard a rumor that the day Brian died (in Seattle) the fire alarm went off in Michael Weiss's rink (in Fairfax). Hmmm. Coincidence?

Well, I'll stop blabbing and let you read Christine Brennan's article on Brian in the USA Today if you want. One thing Christine, he was 42, not 43.

Thank you Brian for all the great memories on and off the ice!

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