September 8, 2008

The Best Five Ice Show Themes on TV and Film

Well, I finally saw the movie "Blades of Glory" yesterday and it inspired me to put down my five top ice show themes from tv and movies ... it may be that there aren't too many more than these five out there, but here is what made the list.

5. "Jeffersons On Ice" from the movie King Pin.

There isn't much of a visual on this one, just a line near the end of the movie, "Look, the Jeffersons on Ice. I love that Sherman Helmsley." Makes me crack up every time. "Go, Weezy, Go".

4. "Smoochy On Ice" from the movie "Death To Smoochy"

This ice show gets much more play in this movie and though the Smoochy character, which is suppose to be a parody of Barney, reminds me more of the Smurfs from Ice Capades. Never mind it's a children's show, the ice show theme steals a sequence straight from the film "Manchurian Candidate".

3. "Krusty On Ice" from the Simpsons

The opening of this episode shows Krusty at the center of a pinwheel with all the skater babes in line around him. My favorite part of this show is when the crew comes in during the second half to tear down the ice to put in the basketball floor.

2. "Grublets On Ice" from the movie "Blades of Glory"

Obviously after the Jeffersons and Smoochy, they had to ramp up the "D-list ice show" theme, so "Grublets On Ice" was a pretty good choice. While I never personally skated as or with the "Evil Wizard" (Will Ferril's character), I have felt like throwing up in my skin (a.k.a. character costume) before.

and my #1 Fake Ice Show Theme from tv or movies?

1. "Ice Capades - The Reality TV Show" with unknown skaters, judges (except for JoJo Starbuck) and tv network.

This one hasn't even aired yet, so I really shouldn't compare it with the other four. Perhaps the real show will be behind the scenes of the lawyers as the old owners/producers of Ice Capades sue the new ones.

Stay tuned!

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