December 13, 2017

Ice Capades Choreographer Turned Trainer for I, Tonya

In case you haven't read any articles about the behind the scenes for I, Tonya, this article from IndiWire is very interesting.  Sarah Kawahara was the trainer for Margot Robbie and her doubles.

She's having a good year this year, having also been inducted to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. (btw Sarah's Wikipedia page could use some updating.  Just putting that out there!)

Soooo, has anyone seen the movie yet?  I'm looking forward to seeing it, but I'd rather go with some fellow skaters.  May have to wait a while.  Please add any comment if you saw the movie.  Would love to know what others think.

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Q said...

I definitely want to see it as I was glued to the news when it happened.