October 27, 2016

Dreams Tasting - Mark Your Calendar

... if you're in the Boston area or are planning a trip at the end of April!

This event is brought to you by an author/adult figure skater, Marci Nault, and it sounds fantastic.

From the press release:

Registration is Now Open!

Follow your heart, let go of fear, and put aside everything but your own needs for a day. The Dreams Tasting Conference gives you a "taste" of 50 different activities across 10 unique categories.

Try rock climbing, stand-up comedy, dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, bar tending, wine making, a musical instrument, walking the runway, and so much more. Dreams Tasting Events are also about the adventures you experience when you enrich your mind. Get over the first hurdle and enjoy guidance from expert creatives who will teach you the insider tricks of writing a novel, or creating a documentary, or even traveling the world.

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