September 6, 2016

Summer's Over

This is always a sad feeling for me ... when summer if over.  Now I know it's not technically over until September 22 on the first day of fall, but come on people, doesn't it feel like fall today?

The kids have gone back or just went back to school today.  I don't know where you live, but the weather here is fifteen degrees cooler than last week and pools and amusement parks start shutting down or altering the schedule.

And that is where my feeling of sadness comes in - amusement parks closing or altering the schedule.  For many years, I existed on summer skating jobs to earn enough to go back to school, pay for school, or keep me doing something besides school and they usually ended in September.

It's been over twenty years since I skated in one of those shows - three of them were in southern Japan at Mistui Greenland - but I still remember the pit in my stomach the day the show was over.

It was different for touring shows like Capades or Holiday or Disney.  When they had there last show it was considered a break until next year and most skaters planned to come back.  That a different feeling.  That's a good feeling.

But amusement park shows aren't as long and offer a skater has no idea if they'll be asked back or if they'll be skating somewhere else by the following year.  So in these shows, we knew the end was coming.  We often skated outdoors and as August wore on the night show got darker sooner and sooner.  We had more parties and our "we have to do this now or never" stunts pick up.  And let's get one thing straight - is there anything so cool as to actually live in an amusement park?  Go on the rides whenever you want?  That's a nine year old's dream come true!

And then September 1st - done.  No more.

No where was this change of schedule more abrupt than in Japan.  I skated in the Mitsui Greenland Amusement park three different years, but each time, after six weeks/four shows a day/ seven days a week on September 1 there was nothing.  No shows, nobody (okay a dozen people at most) visiting the park and a skeleton crew that looked like new staff.  Besides the sadness in saying goodbye to our park crew and fellow skaters, it probably meant I had no job to go home to.

That made my wallet sad too.

So where ever you are today and whatever situation, I hope it's not a sad one for you.  I know, I know, most people really like the start of fall with new goals and diets in mind, but give me one day to feel a little melancholy.   Again.

How about you?  Is there a particular day you feel this kind of melancholy?


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. As a kid it meant no more trips to the beach.

Ryan Stevens said...

Definitely feeling the September blues this year and this post couldn't have been more timely... Change can be a wonderful thing but a stressful one at the same time. All you have to do is embrace the 'que sera sera' sometimes...

Q said...

I'm the opposite. I hate summer. I hate the heat. I get grumpy when I'm hot. Fall marks the start of something good, fun holidays, football, better weather (imo). There's a newness in fall. A fresh start. But then again, I've always been someone who craved change.

Ice Charades said...

I imagine fans of figure skating don't mind the oncoming change of weather (read - it's gonna get cold) as much as others.

Q - you're right about the newness of fall being such a great feeling. Ryan - I hope your September finishes on a great note!