February 26, 2016

7 Random Thoughts - The Oscars Edition

This seemed like the best time to slip in a few comments about the Oscars, some rants about figure skating, and a couple of quirky bits to boot.

Well, my random thoughts are exactly positive, but it's almost the weekend, so why not?  Here we go ...

1.     Why aren't actors who do Improv in movies (making up their lines as they go) get nominated for the Oscars?  Roles like Borat or any of the cast in Best of Show need to act AND react with their peers.  That seems much harder than just reciting your lines.

2.   If you watch footage of figure skating competitions from the 70s and 80s, the competitors skated straight to their opening pose when their name was called.  How is it that now skaters get to do laps, do jumps, stretch, even grab a cup of coffee on the way out on the ice?

3.   I've discovered scrunchies are like pajamas for your hair.

4.   Movies about skating ... are we done with the spotlights during competitions?

5.   I've said this before and I'll say it again, judge the judges.  Set a mandate that the international figure skating judges only keep their spots if their marks come closest to the actual results.  Any outliers and you're out.  Watch how fast the national bias disappears.  I bet the judges prefer the boondoggle of first class flights, cocktail parties to mingle with A-list skaters, and any other swag that comes their way.

6.   I need some kind of tranquilizer gun for domestic house cats.  And maybe for chickens.  I'm so tired of chasing them around before heading to the vet.

7.   I think the Oscars should take a page from the Grammys and include a Best Comedy in Film, Best Thriller, Best Childrens Movie, etc etc.  Hell, if the Grammys can have an award for Best Polka Album or Best Surround Sound Album, why not Best Chickflick?

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