January 19, 2016

Did you know she can dance?

I knew she starred in "Sweet Charity" but I no idea how well Shirley MacLaine dances.  Check out this video ...

sorry about the subtitles

It's a little long, but the dancing is amazing.  She covers different choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Michael Kidd and others.  But mostly, I can't get over those legs!

Excuse me, Ice Charades, this isn't about skating.

Oh yeah, the reason I posted Ms. MacLaine is I think it's time for a skating version of this.  If you're to skate a new kind of program (and I think the tv audience would like to see something different) one could use skating choreographers or skaters themselves.

An amazing skater, Erik Larson, would entertain us back in the day with his parody of skating styles from Toller Cranston to Richard Dwyer, a.k.a. Mr. Debonair, to Gary Beacom and a few others thrown in.  It was hysterical and I would love to see someone try this again.

How about a Sonja Henie/Dorothy Hamill/Yuna Kim mash-up?  Button/Candeloro/Plushenko?  Or resurrecting some of the most memorable programs and putting them together?  Bolero/Nessum Dorum/Firebird?

Can you think of a mash-up you'd like to see? 

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