October 1, 2015

Happy "World Ballet Day"

Besides being the first day of fiscal 2016 for the US government and World Vegetarian Day, by North American Vegetarian Society, it's World Ballet Day!  That's the one I'm excited for.  I love ballet and I love seeing what dancers (and skaters too, of course) can do with their bodies.  I'm truly in awe.

Dance Anywhere 2015

I loved ballet as a kid.  Like many kindergarteners, I wanted to grow up to be a ballet dancer.  But by the sixth grade, I left ballet for skating.  Skating seemed more exciting because I could go faster (without even moving my feet).  And I stayed away from ballet for a while.

In college, I shunned ballet.  I embraced jazz and tap instead. I thought traditional ballet was boring.  And then I didn't see much ballet for thirty years.

I think seeing the documentary "First Position" sparked my interest in ballet again.  IMHO the movie was that good.  Really go see it.  If you haven't seen the movie yet, watch the trailer here.  Then go see it, I told you it's that good.

My only question - where is the skating version, as smart and entertaining as First Position?

Aaah, excuse me Ice Charades, you were talking about ballet?

That's right, back to ballet.  Enjoy World Ballet Day.

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