June 22, 2015

Ranking the 100 Best Men in Figure Skating

No, I'm not prepared to name them ... but 20 Minutos is and it's a fun list to read, you can scroll the whole thing (no pesky "NEXT" buttons to keep hitting) and it does seem pretty complete.  But brace yourself kiddos, it's in Spanish.  I came across it from a tweet by Binky's Johnny Weir Blog.  And you can put in your own vote, so it's not over yet.

Can you guess who Binky's favorite skater is?

Anyone you can think of that didn't make the cut?  Personally, I would like to see Scott Williams up there, but this list skews toward competition, not shows.  This list also skews to younger skaters whose fans are all over the internet.  Where's Gary Beacom's internet fan base?  Anyone else?

Up Next - the women's list ...

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