October 31, 2012

The Figure Skater Won

... best actress in a German Soap Opera, "Alles Was zählt."

photo of Ann-Katharina Samsel

Back in September, I blogged about the figure skating plot of a German soap opera, "Alles was zählt", that I catch from time to time. You know, your typical figure skating champion who is wanted for murdering her coach - or did she?

Well, I didn't realize that the figure skater in the storyline had won Best Actress at the 2011 German Soap Awards!

Not only that, I didn't realize that Anna-Katharina Samsel has some cred. In 1999 she was the artistic roller skating champion for Germany and World Champion in 1999, 2000 and 2002.

But the best thing is she was in a Coldplay video!

I kid, I kid. I would take the titles any day.

According to her Facebook fan page, it looks like she didn't win this year. The ceremony was last Friday. Maybe the figure skating plot will intensify in the run-up to Sochi and she'll be a strong contender for Best Actress next year.

Still, congrats to the homicidal figure skater!