April 27, 2012

This and That

I would totally wear this, except it only comes in kids' sizes. I'm having trouble with the %$#$!!@ spacing on this post, so I apologize that it is all shoved together. I'm working on this .... So, I wanted to link to a great article Vlad posted on his skating blog, World Figure Skating, about the birth of ice shows written by Olga Fluegge. Interesting reading for any chorus girl or boy, so here's the link: The History of Ice Shows | Skating Esquire By the way, you should keep watching the World Figure Skating blog, because he's going to be the one with the scoop in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Next ... what would an Ice Charade's post be without an Ice Capades Reunion notice. Here you go ...
New Orleans Mini Reunion Weekend for Ice Capades June 14 thru 17, 2012 Wyndham Chateau Bourbon is offering a renovation special http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/MSYCB/main.wnt Rate per person – Based on Single or Double Occupancy 6/14/12 - @ $118.30 6/15 – 6/17 - @ $132.30 a night Call the hotel directly (504-586-0800) or click on the link above to make your reservation. Space is limited. Greg’s New Orlean’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/410195945661755/
And finally, a little ditty to start off the weekend, which has nothing to do with skating. Yesterday, I went to my daughter's school for a presentation her class did on fables. The assignment was to update the old ones, bring them into the modern world. My absolute favorite fable that two of her classmates did was entitled "The Bat Gang and the Cow." The cow really wanted to join the gang of bats (yeah, don't ask me why), and she pretended she was voted "Australia's Prettiest Cow, 2010, (Australia? don't ask me why) and she even said she was the best swimmer of all. (Quite an imagination, these 3rd graders have, eh?) Well, the cow got busted for her fabrications and the moral of their fable, written as the last sentence of their power point presenstation?
Don't tell a lie unless it's really necessary!

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