December 15, 2011

Don, we now our (are) gay

... apparel. And I'm not talking about my friend's new blue-suade skates. They are so gay.

But they are so cooooool!

Well, last year I got an Xmas card from a guy I skated with twelve years before that. He was about to get married and I skated in two shows with him and his then girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife.

They got married, years later they got divorced, and to this day my friend is still single. (The ex-wife got remarried, had kids, and I think all is good with her.)

So, I must say I was surprised when I opened his annual Xmas card and this time it was from him and his friend, let's say Steve*.

*not his real name

Then I was not so surprised, because I felt he was happy again. Ready to let everyone know. He certainly had a big smile in the picture.

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