September 25, 2011

Another NFL Cheerleader comes from the pros

... professional skating that is.

May I introduce you to Molly Quigley Moenkhoff of the Tennessee Titans. Go here for another article by Lois Elfman on

Okay, now if anymore beautiful buxom showskaters turn into NFL cheerleaders, Miss Ice Charades is going to get very depressed!

Okay, seriously though, I applaud their skills, as both skater and cheerleader. Here's a rundown of her skating chops:

As an amateur, she paired with Bert Cording, and the duo trained with coaches Bill Fauver and Laura Sanders. She and Cording competed internationally.

Then she turned pro in 2003 skating on cruise ships for Bietak Productions and park shows for Karen Kresge as a soloist. There was also Broadway on Ice, working alongside Olympic gold medalists Dorothy Hamill and Brian Boitano.

Then in 2010 she returned to her pairs roots as a pro on the British television show Dancing on Ice, which pairs celebrities with professional skaters. The show stars ice dancing legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, and is massively popular.

Very impressive. The Titans, themselves, wish they could perform that well!

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