December 6, 2010


... and this blog!

No, crawlability isn't the latest hydroplaning move by one of the ice dance teams, it's what this blog needs when I looked into freelancing opportunities.

I was thinking the other day, kinda hoping actually, to bring my blog up a notch, get a little more notoriety, go big time, or at least find a way to bring timely showgirl make-up tricks to the masses. But then I read the qualifications to get Ice Charades into one of the prestigious Blog Distribution Networks.

Hmmmm, let's break it down, shall we, and discuss why my blog won't be going anywhere ...

On their website they state:

All blogs will be reviewed by a member of our editorial team. Some of the main things they look for are:

•One or more postings per week minimum

...Ooops, I meant to get this out a few days ago, but that didn't happen and it's been a week now. If I didn't have a gazillion Ice Capades Reunion notices to post, I don't know what I'd write about.

•Family-friendly language and content

... Oh, shit. My last post had the caption, "Draw the rest of the fucking owl."

•Distinct, intelligent writing style

Well, I've got a distinct style at least.

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