October 29, 2010

Ice Castles 2010

Boy, I thought my blog was obscure, but I've just been to the awesome Opthamology in Film blog - celebrating eye-related content in popular films - and discovered that Ice Castles 2010 never got a theaterical release.

Did we all miss it?

I was so excited to blog about the theaterical debut of 2010 so I could rehash about the original in 1978. (I have lots to say about the original - which will come soon.) But why didn't it make it to the theaters? Anyone know?

Is it just more decline figure skating's popularity in general?


Jane said...

What happened?

Holly Diane said...

Did they do away with the "We forgot about the roses," line?

Ice Charades said...

Holly, I haven't seen the movie yet. I can't believe they wouldn't keep in one of their standard lines.