May 19, 2009

No News

Okay, Axels, Loops, and Spins ... I don't have any juicy gossip for you - well, not recent gossip anyway - so let's have a jumping poll out there until there's news in skating again.

What's your favorite jump?

I would have to say a loop jump, double or triple, especially when it's preceded by a bunch of inside three turns before take-off, a la Chris Nolan.

Maybe we can string up a bunch of jumps together like a game of add-on!

Okay, anyone else?


Ice Mom said...

Ice Girl has a right loop and left loop combination that I think looks pretty cool.

But, unfortunately, the jumps all kind of blend together for me.

I will tell you this: I hate that stupid axel. :)

Anonymous said...

I always like a good triple toe loop. They are easy (if you can do triples) so you know they aren't going to crash into the boards.

Jane said...

How about a lutz, double or triple. There's usually a dramatic build-up to it.

Ice Charades said...

Jumping (and Spinning) both ways is a great combo. I think judges like it because they know how hard it is.

To me landing an axel is what separates the men from the boys (or girls). Ice Girl's stepping up!

Anonymous said...

I like axel jumps. Always half a revolution more.

Aaron said...

Nice big, high, triple axel!

And the news slump is over...Plushy's back.