April 26, 2009


Since my daughter has the next week and a half off of school - like a snow day on steroids for me - I have naturally thought about how much of my work will get done vs. how much TV she'll be watching.

Answer: probably too much (tv that is)...

We get cable down here, so there is Disney, Discovery Channel and Nickolodean with all the familar shows. But there is one show we get that we never saw in the U.S.

Hey, Ice Charades, what does this have to do with skating?

Not much, thanks for asking.

Here, we get the show, Pucca and my daugther loves it. (Please email if it is airing in the US).

It's from South Korea and it's about a talented little gal who always comes through in the end to kiss her man.

Perhaps Pucca has been overshadowed lately, due to another talented gal from South Korea, who came through in the end.

For fair and balanced coverage, stay tuned for my next post when I talk about some of the best Japanese TV I've ever seen!

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